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Travel Savvy Nice - Finding Local Travel

Finding local transportation can be difficult because there are so many options, and when we’re traveling it’s easy to spend extra money on unnecessary costs. I wanted to put together an article to help my viewers find reliable services for finding rental car and transportation services no matter where they are in the world.

One of the most overlooked services that you will find is a car sharing service that offers large group transportation for a fraction of the cost of typical companies. How the system works is by offering you transport to and from the airport with a group of passengers, and each passenger will only pay a couple dollars each. The downfall of a service like this is that if your hotel is far from the airport, then you may get dropped off last. The benefits are obvious, but being able to spend a few bucks to get yourself to and from the airport is a great deal, especially for a far off hotel.

There is always a taxi but the problem with taxis comes in the numbers. For instance, the security of taxis is questioned by a number of vacationers, and nobody really knows if their getting cheated on the price of transportation. Most of the time, you don’t speak the language of the country your visiting which ends up costing you money. In the event you do speak the same language, it’s possible to still be cheated by the driver as he/she takes alternate routes that cost you more money.

A favorite transportation service of mine is a limousine or town car rental service because the safety is never questioned, and you feel safe and secure in the limo. On top of that, you have a choice of what transportation you choose which can range from a 2 seater Mercedes or even a 20 passenger stretch bus. Many times people think that the cost of such limo services will be over the top but you can find high quality transportation for less than you would ever imagine. Of course, there are seasonal promotions so you wont want to forget to ask about those!

Lastly, there’s the bus. Many people will be hesitant to use the bus depending on where their traveling, but the bus can be a an inexpensive way to get around for super cheap. Be sure to ask your hotel staff or information desk at the airport about the safety of the area and the buses before you hop on, but most of the time you wouldn’t believe how safe the city buses really are.

Those are a few of my top sources of transportation when your on your next vacation and a few tips before you jump in head first. Getting around safely and with little cost is a lot easier than most people think, so use these tips to save yourself some cash.

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