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unique travel agency namesWeather Planning

Planning for inclement weather for your business travel

When you pack for a vacation, do you check out the weather before you start packing? Of course you do! Likewise, one of the first things we consider before we make our business travel plans is the upcoming weather at our destinations. Inclement weather – hot or cold, wet or …

how to name a travel agencyTravel Business

Flexibility with you Travel business

We are now more than a week into the 6,000+ mile journey around the U.S. during the months of February and March. Jim Raffel left on Feb. 8 and took two days to drive to Breckenridge, Colo. After spending a couple of days on the slopes, he drove to Phoenix …

social business travelSocial Media Travel Savvy

Stupid social media uses while on the road

Image of Social Media foursquare using social media on the road while traveling for business or pleasure can be a lot of fun. We are able to report and record our experiences as they happen like never before. However, when you’re a business traveler, there are many guidelines – for …

travel accomodationAccommodation Service

Extended stay versus full-service hotels for the business traveler

There are almost too many choices in the hotel market these days and not just between brands. Even within a brand family like Hilton or Marriott, you have several different levels of service from which to choose. Do you prefer a full-service business hotel, a bare-bones clean room with free …

business travelTravel Inquiry

We stop to question some travel oddities

When you are a frequent traveler, you begin to notice little oddities about airports, airplanes, rental cars, hotel rooms, and restaurants. Some of them can be explained away but others are just as mysterious to us today as the day we noticed them. What follows are some general questions from …

Travel Business

Travel Business

Image of the plan and organize your own travelAt Business Travel Exclusive, we recognize that most small business owners end up being their own travel agents these days. Over the last two decades, there has been a transition from relying on a travel agent to make all your arrangements for …